Viking Toys - Cute Rider Dog


Who Let the Dogs Out? Let this dog be your child´s new best friend. This cute ride-on toy dog from Viking Toys loves long adventurous walks. The dog starts moving on children’s command. This dog is easy to handle and a perfect choice for the child. Children sit down comfortably, hold on to the ears of the dog and kick away with their feet to get the dog moving; forward, backward, round, left or right. During the play adventure with the dog, the children develop their muscle strength and balance. Under the seat, a storage space conceals where the children can store things they find during their journey and want to investigate later (small cars in image not included).

Cute Rider Dog is made of durable recyclable plastic, equipped with silent soft wheels ready to bring your child to great playful adventures for years to come. This irresistible ride-on toy is ready to bring children between 1-5 years on fun and stimulating playful adventures. With Cute Rider, the child exercises their balance and mobility. The child sits comfortably on the strong plastic seat with anti-slip and kicks with their feet to get the Cute Rider moving. Cute Rider spins and rolls easily and quietly over the floor. The children themselves could move their Cute Rider in any possible direction; forward, backward, sideways, or all around. With Cute Rider, children can quickly move everywhere indoor and create their own playful adventure through their natural curiosity. They are given free space for their imagination and creativity during their exploration.

Also available in a panda and cat.

Seat height is about 25cm, height from floor top of the ears / handles are 29cm. Length is 50 cm, width about 25 cm. Maximum Weight 40kg.

Recommended Ages: 1-5 years