Sensory Kit - 1+ Years


Our Sensory Kits allow children to use and also develop their senses. Through the provision of activities that require the use of the senses, children can explore, examine, discover, categorise, interpret and make sense of their world. The products and materials in this sensory kit have been carefully curated to be safe, high quality and developmentally appropriate. The items within the kit must be used with an adult during the sensory experience at all times.

  • The high quality Halilit tube shaker (Deluxe also includes a Halilit Tamborine) can be easily manoeuvred by little hands and stimulates a range of the senses (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic). The moving beads are wonderful to develop ocular tracking and the small muscles and nerves important for sight as children trace the path the encapsulated beads make through the object with their eyes.
  • Scarves are a wonderful addition to this sensory kit. Toss a scarf in the air and it develops ocular tracking as a child watches it float to the ground. It also floats at a speed that encourages children to reach out and catch the scarf safely. You can put the scarf over you or the child to play peekaboo so they start to understand the concept of object permanence where although you are not fully visible you are still there. 
  • Blowing bubbles for a child is also a wonderful sensory experience. Children are able to track the slow moving bubbles as they float, bubbles also encourage young children to reach, grasp, move and pop the bubbles. The bubble mixture should only be used by the adult. You can hold the bubble wand in front of a child and encourage them to blow but never allow the child to have the bubble wand or container. Learning to blow bubbles is very important when learning to swim.
  • Rainbow ribbon rings provide wonderful stimulation for a young child as they can reach for them, you can tickle the satin ribbon on their skin. You can also dance with these and point out different colours allowing them to develop their vocabulary. Placing the rainbow ribbons in front of your child encourages  movement (reaching, rocking, crawling) towards the ribbons.
  • Playing with the textured roller and feathers is a wonderful way to connect with your child, you can tickle/massage their feet, talk about colours, animals who have feathers and about emotions. Sitting behind your child you can support them to hold one of these and cross their body to touch the opposite foot or hand for neural development. Massage is wonderful for children of all ages but must be done by the adult. Never allow children to put feathers in their mouth. Please note the textured roller and feathers are only for the adult to use on their child during the sensory experience.
  • Balloon balls (available in the deluxe kit) are wonderful to encourage children to move, chase and catch. They move slower and are much safer to catch than most balls. Begin by rolling these magnificent balls to your child, talk to them about the different colours. Simply remove the balloon and the cover is machine washable.  Balloons can last months in balloon ball covers and replaced when needed.

Sensory play should be part of daily life for every child. Sensory play is incredibly important to a child’s development. Sensory integration is the process by which children receive information via their senses and organise and interpret this information, which comes to the brain from the senses in order to make sense of the world around them. Playing with our Sensory Adventure resources and kits is relaxing, calming, soothing and completely open-ended, there is no correct way to play with these resources and kits. Refer to our sensory kits to see our full range.

Age 1+ years