Science4you - Coding Lab


Science4you Coding Lab Kit features 10 experiments,  30+ pieces to create a binary necklace and an antiquated encryption device!

Surprise your aspiring programmer with a fun-filled kit in the form of the Science4you Coding Lab Kit! This kit comes with 10 experiments to try out and over 30 pieces to let your child write their initials in code, create a binary necklace as well as an antiquated encryption device to help them explore the fundamentals of coding. 

Complete with a 36-paged educational book, this STEAM-based Science4you Coding Lab Kit will surely be a wonderful gift for any child who has a passion for coding!


  • The Science4you Coding Lab Kit unboxes to everything your child will need to create a binary necklace, an ancient device for encryption and more experiments to try out!
  • Also includes an educational book with 36 pages.
  • Helps kids discover how to apply code functions without having to use a computer, determine how to program a robot or send encrypted messages using secret codes.
  • Stimulates children to learn science using the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) concept.
  • Ages 6+ years

Encourage your child's budding talent and passion for programming with the Science4you Coding Lab Kit!