Creative Kit 2+ years


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This creative kit is designed to develop children's creativity, engage the senses and foster fine motor skill development. Children 2+ years will delight their imagination via the use of crayons or paint with their fingers, brushes or stampers (scrapers in the deluxe version). This creative kit has been carefully curated by hand picking materials and products that are high quality, safe and developmentally appropriate. Fine motor skills require the recruitment of smaller muscles associated with movements requiring precision, which are very important for future skills such as writing and for basic self-management skills, such as shoelace-tying, buttoning and using zippers. This creative kit fosters fine motor activities that involve manipulating objects including the use of scissors, crayons or paint brushes and stampers for painting, dabbing, drawing, scraping, dotting, pounding, poking, drawing, pinching, cutting and grasping. The kits also allow you to familiarise children with primary colours and enable them to explore secondary colours whilst mixing colours. The deluxe kit has the added value of bath crayons, paint scrapers and non-toxic glue for cut and paste craft activities. Additionally, the deluxe kit also includes a water colour paint palette. The selection of art and craft resources and implements have been carefully curated to enable little artists to enjoy the creative experience.