Sensory Kit - 6 months+


Our Sensory Kits allow children to use and also develop their senses. Through the provision of activities that require the use of the senses, children can explore, examine, discover, categorise, interpret and make sense of their world. The products and materials in this sensory kit have been carefully curated to be safe, high quality and developmentally appropriate.

  • The material book can be manipulated by little hands so as you read the story to your child they can explore the various textures, objects and materials. 
  • Mirrors allow young children to start to recognise themselves from their reflection. You can also use a mirror to point out different features on your child’s face allowing them to develop their vocabulary. Placing the mirror on the floor in front of your child encourages tummy time and movement (reaching, rocking, crawling) towards the mirror.
  • The high quality Halilit rattle and cage bell can be easily manoeuvred by little hands and stimulates a range of the senses (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic). Sitting behind your child you can support them to hold one of these and cross their body to touch the opposite foot or hand for neural development.
  • Playing with hand puppets is a wonderful way to connect with your child, you can act out scenes, tell stories, practice new words, colour and talk about emotions. Puppets should be used by the adult for children under 2 years. As children get older (2+ years) they can use puppets themselves which can build vocabulary, dexterity, creativity and imagination.

Sensory play should be part of daily life for every child. Sensory play is incredibly important to a child’s development. Sensory integration is the process by which children receive information via their senses and organise and interpret this information, which comes to the brain from the senses in order to make sense of the world around them. Playing with our Sensory Adventure resources and kits is relaxing, calming, soothing and completely open-ended, there is no correct way to play with these resources and kits. Refer to our sensory kits to see our full range.

Age 6 months+