Session Information


Craftercise promotes a ‘play-based learning’ environment where your little ones learn to make sense of the world around them. The unstructured nature of play during our sensory adventure gym sessions is more developmentally appropriate for preschoolers than participation in the more structured nature of organised sport. 

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Confidence
  • Decision making
  • Coordination
  • Designed by experienced educators
  • Tailored to all
    abilities and learning styles
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving
  • Cognitive development
  • Develops muscle strength
  • Neurological development
  • Based on the latest international evidence relating to children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development


Our sensory adventure gyms allow children to immerse themselves in open-ended play within rich sensory environments. These are designed to help them navigate and experience a range of engaging, interactive and self-paced activities using soft play, moveable loose parts, sporting equipment, musical instruments and educational equipment. 

Your little ones can explore surfaces, textures, colours, movements, sounds and objects – enabling them to engage and develop their senses, proprioception, vestibular system and fundamental movement skills.

Here is just a snapshot of benefits from participation in the Craftercise sensory adventure gym sessions:

Age Groups For Our Sessions

All children will have the opportunity to explore a range of tactile activities and active movements designed to develop co-ordination and neurological development.

There are two different rooms available: the Sensory Adventure Mini Gym and Mighty Gym. During the sessions, adults are required to actively supervise their little ones at all times to ensure a safe and inclusive space for everyone. Children are given the opportunity to develop confidence and imagination and to fully immerse themselves in the environment.
Sessions are only for pre-school aged children up to those attending kinder, children attending school cannot participate. 

Mini Gym
6 - 18 months

This sensory adventure gym session is designed especially for babies to move, play and explore the world around them, through the use of their senses. Whether your baby is wriggling, rolling, crawling or walking, there are loads of play and movement opportunities to experience. At this stage, little ones love to explore by putting everything into their mouths, so we ensure everything used is safe and non-toxic.

Mighty Gym
Walkers - 5 years

Toddlers will have an opportunity to explore all physical activity at their own pace, with the freedom to use and develop their imagination and creativity. There will be different surfaces, textures, colours, sounds and objects enabling your tots to use their senses. Our equipment will enable them to rock, spin, roll, balance, push, pull, climb, swing, slide, propel objects, jump, ride, post, track objects and problem solve.

3 – 5 Years
Crafty Crocs

Now that your child has joined the Crafty Crocs and shows greater independence, we encourage them in the development of their motor skills, social skills and literacy and numeracy skills. We place an emphasis on valuing their choices and decisions on how to play and offer encouragement and praise when they can share with us what they learnt and created. Children will have the opportunity to participate in physical activities and movement to music, art and craft and messy and sensory play like the other age groups, with the addition of science experiments just for the Crafty Crocs age group.


Craftercise is a unique, contemporary and safe sensory adventure gym space for pre-school-aged children that fosters learning through play. It combines the joy of creativity, the delight of imagination and the thrill of an active sensory adventure.

These 1 hour sessions include access to high-quality, safe physical activity and play equipment, along with recycled, rescued, reused and home-made materials.

Our gyms allow kids to actively explore play equipment that will enable them to rock, spin, roll, balance, push, pull, climb, swing, slide, propel objects, jump, ride, post, track objects and problem solve. Our themed areas include many fully interactive movable parts that will change throughout the year, making them a safe, fun and active invitation to experiment and explore during every visit.

With every child closely supervised by an adult, your little one will be able to socialise, communicate and negotiate with other pre-school-aged children. The inclusive and friendly atmosphere welcomes all adults and children. The unique and contemporary gym spaces are safe, clean, developmentally appropriate and inclusive of kids of all abilities and learning styles.

Conditions of Entry

  • When you book a session you agree to our Terms & Conditions. We recommend you only book for your child/ren and get a friend/relative to book for themselves. If you book for them you are agreeing to the terms & conditions, COVID-19 vaccination status and safety guidelines on their behalf. 
  • In line with the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate, all attendees at Craftercise Sessions over the age of 16 years, including parents/guardians of participants, must have received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Any person over the age of 16 years who has not received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine and/or who does not provide evidence of their vaccination status to the reasonable satisfaction of Craftercise will be refused entry to the premises and will not be permitted to participate in the session. Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status will be required upon entry into Craftercise.
  • When booking a Craftercise Session using the online portal and making payment of the applicable costs, you agree and warrant that the person(s) accompanying the child to the booked Craftercise session has received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. In the event that entry is refused to a Craftercise Session for failing to comply with the Government COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the fees paid for that session will not be refunded and credit will not be offered to apply to another session, in accordance with the terms of our Refund Policy. Proof of identity will be required if printed COVID-19 vaccination certificates are used.
  • Only one adult per participating child can attend a session.  
  • Masks are no longer mandatory indoors at Craftercise, but please feel free to continue to wear one if you feel more comfortable to do so.
  • No additional children can attend who are over the age of 12 months and not participating.
  •  All bags & food/drinks must remain in reception, only small purse/wallet/phones that can be carried in pockets may be taken into studios
  • Please do not attend a session if you or your child is unwell and do not bring sick siblings along either
  • You will be required to clean children's hands and feet and your hands before entry into the gyms
  • By booking and attending a sensory adventure gym session, you are agreeing to read and adhere to our safety guidelines, which are located in reception and each gym. 
  • Children need to wear comfy clothing which allows them to participate safely
  • All children participating must have bare feet and adults must remove shoes
  • Adults must be within close proximity of their child and actively supervising at all times.
  • Prams can be only be brought into reception not the play spaces. Any younger sibling under not participating must be carried at all times
  • Mobile phones can be used to photograph your child, but must not be used for social media or phone calls during sessions, except in the case of an emergency.