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The creators of Craftercise, Aleisha and Amanda are both mum's, in addition to being qualified and experienced primary and secondary health and physical education teachers with a passion for all things sensory play, art and craft. Aleisha and Amanda have won numerous national and international teaching, research and publishing awards.

They have four university degrees between them, including a masters degree in health and physical education and PhD in children’s physical activity and sedentary behavior with a focus on family and school settings. Everything they do is underpinned by the latest international evidence in child development, best practice and a commitment to quality, developmental appropriateness and safety. Becoming mum's and sharing in the joy and excitement of their children experiencing messy play, art and craft, sensory play, movement to music and physical activity at home in conjunction with their professions, inspired the development of the Craftercise program and curation of learning resources.

All of our passionate and dedicated educators within the Craftercise program are highly experienced and fully qualified teachers.

Craftercise takes children on a sensory journey via a combination of messy play, art and craft, sensory play, science experiments, movement to music and physical activity.



The mission of Craftercise is to immerse children in a sensory adventure through the provision of stimulating programs and resources, which aim to empower and inspire their creativity, play and learning.

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Create | Play | Learn 

Fantastic program highlighting the importance of play in a child's development. Fun, educational games, songs, play equipment, and best of all, messy sensory play and crafts. My son started at 18 months and almost a year on, still absolutely loves it, as do I. I recommend it for everyone. (Anastasia)