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Nurture Their Learning with Sensory Toys for Kids

Once your little one enters the world, everything is new and exciting – just waiting to be discovered as they make sense of the world around them.

Sensory play is a great way to stimulate your child’s senses, allowing them to hone their ability to differentiate between sights, sounds, tastes and more. In turn, this supports their overall growth, development and wellbeing as they grow into the little person they were born to be.

Ready to dive in? Instead of turning to technology, allowing kids to engage with tactile activities and games can be fun and educational – not just for them, but for the whole family.

Our Sensory Toys for Children and Babies

Letting your kids experiment with toys that stimulate their senses is the best way to further their natural growth and development, regardless of their age or ability. These activities can also help you gain insight into your child’s likes and dislikes while they’re learning to communicate. Have a kid who doesn’t like to get messy? They may be stimulated and inspired by sound, but less so when engaging with dough, glue, or slime.

Our toys can also help to sharpen their fine motor skills. These activities allow your child to hone their small muscle movements and hand-eye coordination to strengthen their self-confidence and independence.

Here are some of the ways your child can experiment:

  • Painting, colouring and drawing can allow your young ones to sharpen their fine motor skills, develop their imagination and share their inner world with a sense of creativity.
  • Play-dough, slime and science experiments: Ready to get hands-on? New and engaging textures can help kids learn more about the world around them.
  • Dance and music: Supporting both their kinesthetic and listening skills, some children are the most stimulated when there’s sound in the room and they have the space to move.
  • Cooking and baking: If you thought going into the kitchen with your kids was a bad idea, think again. Supporting creativity, imagination, hands-on learning, and taste, sight and sound, a kid-safe kitchen provides a range of developmental benefits. 

Sensory Toys: Entertainment For Every Australian Family

Here at Craftercise, we understand the importance of balancing educational activities with fun, imagination and curiosity. We stock some of the industry’s leading sensory kits, STEM education toys and art kits for kids. From puzzles, to arts, crafts and more, we’re making it easier than ever for Australian families to have fun while learning.

We also invite you to check out our sensory adventure gym sessions in Melbourne. For all other queries, simply get in touch!