Sensory Kits for Kids: Encouraging Messy Play

Hands-on messy time is a great way to support your child’s natural growth and development, all while having fun. Stimulating the senses can help hone your little one’s skills and let them discover their own likes and preferences.

New to educational toys? Below we explore some of the benefits of engaging in tactile activities, and which toys can be the most fun for the whole family. 

Sensory Play for Kids: Learn and Play From Home 

Hands-on activities are a great way for your little ones to learn about what they like and dislike. Instead of using trial and error to find out if your child will like a new educational activity, you can pick out stimulating activities that support their natural development in the way they like best.

How would this work? There are many options for sensory games, including:

  • Dive into play-dough: Kid-safe formulas can bring out the little builder or home chef in your child. From fun food creations to cars and building blocks, these malleable doughs come in fun colours and scents for all sorts of experiments.
  • Get creative in the kitchen: Let your kids join in the fun with cooking and baking for a day. They can use their hands, eyes, and tastebuds to navigate new foods.
  • Try a new science experiment: From wacky liquids to neon green goo, science experiments stimulate curiosity, visual learning and tactile play.
  • Move to the music: There is plenty of research into the benefits of listening to music. From soothing the nervous system to inspiring excitement, allowing your little one to make their own music can help them test their limits and preferences to noise.
  • Dance it out: Letting your little ones move and groove to release their energy is a great way to support spatial awareness and autonomy. 

Sensory Kits for Kids of All Ages 

Craftercise was founded by Australian educators and Mums who know the importance of balancing fun and learning. With a wide range of sensory toys, art kits for kids and fine motor skill activities, we have everything you need to get started here at Craftercise.

Take a look through our selection – and if you have questions or need further advice, get in touch with our team today. We’re always on hand to assist you for the best learning experience ever.