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Fine Motor Skills Toys: Learning and Growing At Home

We’re living, playing and learning from home now more than ever. If you want to further your little one’s natural development and keep them entertained, we have a range of activities that can help refine and sharpen their fine motor abilities.

From colouring to crafts and STEM education toys, there are a number of ways to engage your child that are fun and entertaining for the whole family. Focusing on the interaction between small muscle movements and the eyes, these activities help children to connect their hand and finger movements with specific tasks like picking up and grasping small items.

Sounds boring? Think again! Our games, kits, toys and resources open up a whole new world of possibilities for your little one.

Ideal Motor Skill Toys for Toddlers and Babies

At Craftercise, we’re here to support the individual development needs of every child – and we have a wide selection of games and activities perfect for this purpose. No matter your little one’s age or ability – whether they’re an infant, toddler, or at school – we have just the thing to help get them engaged and interested in learning. Instead of expecting specific products to match specific age ranges, we recommend picking activities that help to build specific skills.

Through interactive play, some of the common abilities that can be developed include

  • Dressing, eating and brushing teeth: Our games help to instill a sense of self-confidence in your little one’s ability to take care of themselves without the support of adults and siblings.
  • Colouring and playing with blocks: These help to develop the minute hand and fingers movements needed to support your child’s sense of independence and autonomy.

It’s our mission to help you support your little one whichever stage they’re at – every journey is unique and different. Each of our games and activities caters to different ability levels so that they can stay entertained while progressing in a way that assists their growth and development.

Toys to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Craftercise was founded by Australian Mums and educators who know all about the benefits of educational play and learning environments. With more families now learning from home than ever, we’re here to help you support your little munchkin, while also introducing new and exciting ways to keep them engaged and entertained.

With nationwide shipping, art kits for kids, sensory toys, and our sensory adventure gym sessions in Melbourne, we’re helping parents and families to learn and play on the go.