Buying gifts for children is an exciting time. You get to give them something that they immediately connect with, share in their enjoyment, and watch them become inspired by new experiences in their world. It’s also a time when their learning is crucial to overall development – so, if you can mix a gift that they love with one that helps develop their motor skills and cognitive ability, you’ve hit a win-win!

This is where fine motor toys come in.

You don't have to look too hard for this, either; there’s already a whole market geared for toys to improve fine motor skills, while still being a fun toy to share with their parent, aunt, uncle or friend! In this article, we’ll explain which types of gifts to go for as well as list some fun and functional toys to develop fine motor skills in babies, toddlers and young children.

Toys to Develop Fine Motor Skills in Babies, Toddlers & Young Children

Developing fine motor skills is an important step in the early stages of life. Learning how to write their name, cut with scissors or do the Macarena are all part of the normal developmental processes that helps children gain the skills needed to refine later on when navigating the world. It does require some patience and persistence though, which is why incorporating fun into the learning can prove invaluable.

Gifts that encourage the movement of hands to accomplish a goal are excellent for this. Think back to how much fun you had with Playdough or Lego; those little gems also helped you develop the motor skills you use today. It’s important to consider the child's age too as toddlers can manage more complex activities than babies. Toys to develop fine motor skills in babies are often much simpler while still being functional.

7 Gift Ideas to Develop Fine Motor Skills

1.       Activity stackers

Great for ages 18+ months

Activity stackers have so many different activities to explore and hand skills to engage with. Babies can sort shapes, lace, bead slide, disc spin and washboard scratch among the many other tasks within the confines of child-safe boxes. Activity stackers also teach specific tasks like learning to tie shoelaces and buttoning, so they'll be wizards by the time they put their own shoes on.

2.       Fishing boat

Great for ages 2+

Help them live out their greatest sea fantasy while learning fine motor skills with a fishing boat toy. Gifts that revolve around a theme like fishing are great, as children get lost in their wonderful imagination and stay engaged while applying new motor skills to achieve their fantasy goals, like catching a fish! It’s also a floating toy so it will provide endless bath time fun and (maybe) even help them enjoy wash time!

3.       Beading kits

Great for ages 5+

For the ones a bit further along with their motor skills, a beading kit combines many different motor skills into one. Firstly, kids can use the provided materials to make their own paper beads while operating the mechanism to produce them.

They also get to incorporate their creativity into the mix by making bracelets and patterns that help express themselves. Finally, it’s the gift that keeps on giving as children can make beads and bands for their friends and explore their nurturing side.

4.       Building sets


Great for ages 3+

There are many great toys for inquisitive minds, including building sets that are perfect to help children put their curiosity to good use. The bamboo construct and roll set can entertain children for hours as they design their very own slides and watch physics work from their creation.

Children use their hands to hold, build, balance and move bamboo ramps and tubes, developing fine motor skills under the guise of good fun! They also get to explore what it’s like being an engineer and using creativity to come up with cool new roll designs.

5.       Sorting toys

Great for ages 2+

Sorting toys encourage children to play with different objects and learn to differentiate categories while using their hands. The colour sorting magnetic maze is great as it helps kids develop fine motor skills while fulfilling their sorting goals. It exercises their cognitive ability and builds sensory connections by remembering where to put each colour ball.

6.       Make a unicorn clay kit

Great for ages 5+

Clay is the ultimate developer of fine motor skills, as one wrong move, or too firm of a push, can ruin their beautiful unicorn! Make a unicorn helps children develop many other important skills too, like their visual and touch senses while they ensure their unicorn has different coloured body parts, as well as allowing them to feel the different materials available. It’s also a whole lot of fun to mould the clay and create their design with a big sense of accomplishment with the finished result.

7.       Tap-tap set

Great for ages 4+

A childhood favourite for many generations, the tap tap set is still as much fun as it is functional. Fine motor skills are developed while children hammer in their designs and create visions in their minds. Children learn the appropriate amount of force needed to push the nails in and exercise creativity with endless options of construction. The best part is, once they’ve had enough of one project, they can start all over again.

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December 17, 2021 — Aleisha Dakin