Children learn so much through their play. A key part of this is toys, playing a central role in stimulating sensory development in both young babies and toddlers. No matter their background or requirements, sensory toys are fantastic tools for any child, and they even make for exciting sensory activities for adults, too!
At Craftercise, we have selected 8 incredible toys bringing an added level of fun and exploration to a variety of toddler sensory activities!
Areas of Development for Toddler Sensory Activities
To plan easy sensory activities for toddlers, it is helpful to have an idea of the different senses children explore and develop in the early years of their life. Toddler sensory activities are geared toward the development of one or multiple senses, such as:
  • Vision: Exploring through sight.
  • Hearing: Exploring through sound.
  • Touch: Nerve endings under the skin that send signals to the brain.
  • Smell: Olfactory sensory neurons send messages to the brain.
  • Taste: Recognising characteristics of food, drink, and anything that enters the mouth.
  • Vestibular: Inner ear signals to let the body know where it is concerning its surroundings.
  • Proprioception: The sense of telling a child where their arms, legs, and other body parts are to each other.
  • Interoception: The sense helping the body know how it is feeling inside, such as hunger, thirst, or feeling sick.
8 Toys for Easy Sensory Activities for Toddlers
Planning easy sensory activities for toddlers is made even simpler when using a variety of fun and engaging toys. Whether organising easy sensory activities for a 6-month-old or a 2-year-old, toys provide a great way of capturing both their attention and imagination in an age-appropriate way.
Here are 8 suggestions for toys that stimulate sensory development in the early years.
1. Cotton Sand in Sensory Activities for 1-2-Year-Olds
Cotton sand is a unique addition to sensory activities for 6-month-old to 1-2-year-olds. Its sand-like texture can be squeezed, stretched, moulded, and arranged, making it perfect for little fingers learning to make sense of the world around them.
2. Slime in Sensory Activities for 6-Month-Old to 2-Year-Olds
Oh, the joys of slime! It brings an element of fun and excitement to a host of toddler sensory activities. By engaging almost all the senses, children can develop their self-awareness, as well as their knowledge of the wider world.
3. Finger Paint in Easy Sensory Activities for Toddlers
Finger paint toys are a great way to get children to explore their senses and are a classic way to get them to learn through play. One of the easy sensory activities for toddlers, finger painting helps children of all ages experiment with texture, colour, and patterns.
4. Sensory Shapes in Sensory Activities for 6-Month-Old to 1-2-Year-Olds
The assortment of textures and materials used for sensory shape toys are wonderful additions to sensory activities for 6-month-olds to 2-year-olds. Each sensory shape offers something new to touch and explore, encouraging the exploration of the senses and the improvement of fine motor skills.
5. Magiclay in Sensory Activities for 1-2-Year-Olds
Clean and creative, Magiclay is the perfect sensory toy to explore moulding and construction without having to worry about it sticking to little hands. With a unique texture, quite different from clay or dough, this resource is a great addition to toddler sensory activities.
6. Rainbow Rice in Sensory Activities for 6-Month-Old to 2-Year-Olds
Rainbow rice is one of the great sensory activities for 1-2-year-olds. It encourages children to explore and manipulate the materials, developing their fine motor control and hand-eye coordination, all while experimenting with colour and texture.
7. Sensory Water Beads in Sensory Activities for 1-2-Year-Olds
With their rubbery, squishy texture, sensory water beads are a fun sensory activity for 2-year-olds, and even adults! The bright colours and bouncing effect work to improve fine motor control and can provide a relaxing, sensory experience.
8. Safety Mirror Blocks in Sensory Activities for 6-Month-Old to 2-Year-Olds
The combination of mirrors and blocks provides an engaging sensory activity for children from 6 months to 2 years old. Safety mirror blocks encourage children to move around and focus on their reflections to develop a sense of self-awareness, as well as develop gross motor skills through construction block play.
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July 27, 2022 — Aleisha Dakin