Our environment always has a major influence on our inspiration and mood, something that is even more true for our children. It's well known that a child's physical environment plays an important role in their development, and so their playroom – the place where they are free to explore, play and grow – provides lots of exciting opportunities to create a setting that helps them thrive. 

This doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour; if you have fun with the creation of the space, it’ll show in the details. Try to emulate a special place promoting creativity, where your child is inspired by colours, visuals, and most importantly, space and equipment to create their own little worlds. To help, we at Craftercise have put together some creative playroom ideas for your home. 

10 Creative Playroom Ideas For Your Home 

Choose bold colours that draw the eye

Choosing colours for your home is a big step, but for your children’s playroom, give yourself more freedom to choose bold, inspiring bursts of colour. You can opt for a brightly coloured feature wall, patterned coloured rugs on the floor, fun wallpaper, or even paint a pattern or picture upon each of the walls. These features can also help your child learn about patterns while providing a safe and fun atmosphere. 

Opt for modern, child-friendly furniture

While you don't need to deck out the room with expensive furnishings, children still need an area to sit and work during slower play activities like art or reading. Depending on the ages of your children, you can choose child-size tables and chairs that can also come in bold and fun colours. You could also opt for soft, modern furniture, like fully cushioned chairs, beanbags and small step ladders. 

Be selective with the toys and play equipment

Your child's playroom is a place in their home where they’re free to enjoy themselves, but you can also encourage healthy development and growth by including toys that aid their learning. As well as their beloved action figures, dolls, art supplies and books, fill the room with some fun, educational play toys, too! Educational toys come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most beneficial is sensory play toys. 

Sensory play helps child development by immersing their different senses in experiences that promote their brain to develop pathways that refine their physical sensations via creative exploration. The good news for everyone is that they also deliver a lot of enjoyment and include activities like foam moulding, rainbow rice, squishy balls, sensory water beads and many, many more.

Organise the area & toys

One of our most beloved creative playroom ideas for your home is creating a system for organisation; not only does this keep the space looking nice and inviting, but it also has great benefits for your child's development. By implementing a space and storage area for each piece of equipment and toy, you can encourage your child to place the toys they’ve used back where they belong once they’re finished. This can help them understand the importance of organising and tidying for a comfortable environment, as well as how to clean up after themselves.

Introduce storage bins

Storage bins make everyone's job a whole lot easier, and you can never have enough of them! They come in a range of different sizes and colours, so you can again choose bright and bold shades to store different types of toys and equipment. This can help your child understand organisational skills better, too. You can assign one colour bin for art supplies, another for balls and loose equipment, and another again for sensory play items.

Inspire creative ideas

All parents know children have a rich imagination, and supporting their creative ideas in the playroom is an important step in their early development. Lean into this by creating a playroom in your home that is full of inspiration and can encourage them to completely be themselves. This can include a box full of dress-up costumes, a car mat that outlines the journey of their imagination, a cash register where they get to be a shop-owner for an hour – the playroom ideas are endless!

Set boundaries

Boundaries and rules for your playroom are also important ideas to consider, as they also help focus a child’s creative ideas. Boundaries can mean several things, such as physical areas where they can use particular toys, what material they can use as a canvas for their artwork (and save your walls in the process!), and even that they have to be supervised when using scissors, paints or markers. You can turn this list of boundaries into a sign to make it clear for them to understand.

Install a chalkboard wall

Chalkboards are educational, artistic, renewable and just a whole lot of fun! Incorporating a chalkboard wall or part of a wall into your child’s playroom inspires their creative ideas in their playroom as they get to use a giant canvas for their drawings or schoolwork. They then get to appreciate their own creation on the wall, before they move on to their next piece without wasting paper.

You can choose to use either chalkboard paint or peel-and-stick chalkboards for your room. It can help to paint an outline around the chalkboard, so they know where they can use chalk and where they can’t (again, boundaries).

Use soft mats or rugs for flooring

Safety is something that needs to be considered in children’s playrooms more than in any other rooms in the home. When children are halfway through an exciting aeroplane flight or handstand competition, they can quickly forget about their environment. Protect them by either installing soft matting permanently in the playroom or purchasing gymnastic mats that soften their impact and reduce harm.

Embrace STEM toys

STEM, engineering and construction toys are similar to other building toys like Lego, but come with a lot more opportunities for discovery. They include cranes, magnetic tiles, bamboo slides, train building and many other exciting adventures. 

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April 26, 2022 — Aleisha Dakin